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Starlab Vortex Mixer


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The Starlab Vortex Mixer!




With its stylish, compact design and unique touch screen, the Starlab Vortex Mixer is the perfect bench partner for your lab.

The unique glove compatible touchscreen provides precise speed settings from 300 to 3.500 rpm, for the gentle mixing of samples right up to vigorous vortex mixing and the resuspending of cells or chemical pellets. Using the time settings, the exact mixing duration can be defined and the timer will count down, when no time is set, the timer will count-up!

The one-touch start-stop and the quick selection from preset speed and time settings provide fast change of vortexing parameters for the busy lab. Speed and time settings can also be changed during operation.

Finally, the large surface area of the standard attachment allows different shaped tubes and containers to be vortexed, whilst the recessed center provides the benefits associated with traditional, cup-style attachments. Additional adapters for use in continuous mode are also available for microplates and 1.5/2.0 ml tubes.


  • Unique, glove compatible touch screen
  • Precise speed control from 300 to 3.500 rpm and adjustable time settings
  • One-touch start/stop
  • Quick selection of speed and time settings using pre-set options
  • Custom options available for speed and time settings
  • Two operating modes: touch and continous
  • Power-saving sleep mode
  • Optional adapters available
  • Anti slip feet
  • 2-year warranty
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