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Auto-Sealing PCR Plate Lid

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Auto-Sealing PCR Plate Lid


Developed to support fully automated sealing in the absence of specific instrumentation. Meets the needs of customers using integrated platforms that often lack suitable heat sealing instrumentation especially when low throughput is needed. Specialized alternative to standard lids: while standard lids protect reagents, the Auto-Sealing PCR Lid helps minimize reagent evaporation during longer incubations.


Universal fit: due to the lack of cut corners, the lid can be applied to most plates, showing good sealing results when pushed down onto the plate.



Parameter: Auto-Sealing PCR Plate Lid

Lid length: 128.10 ± 0.10mm

Lid width: 85.80 ± 0.10mm

Lid height: 8.20 ± 0.05mm

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