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Vad vill du veta om BIODROP DUO+?



Spectrophotometer with 10 mm cuvette holder and 0.5 mm micro-volume port


The BioDrop Duo + not only has the fixed pathlength microvolume port for reliability and consistency of results down to 1 µL of sample, but also comes with a standard 10 x 10 mm cuvette port.


At a range of 190-1100nm, pre-programmed Life Science methods and general spectrophotometry capabilities, this 2 in one instrument will fulfil the needs of the most demanding laboratories.


The BioDrop microvolume sample port uses no moving parts.  This means that the instrument provides excellent reproducibility without the need to recondition or calibrate.  Measurements are also highly accurate because the pathlength of the port is highly specified to +/- 5 µm.


The port is easy to use:  simply pipette as little as 1 µL and measure.  Cleaning the port is easy too, just wipe with a lint free tissue to reduce sample carry over to undetectable amounts.   Should a sample be unintentionally left on the port to dry out, mild detergents and distilled water should be used for a more thorough cleaning.


The cuvette port of the BioDrop Duo+ adds the versatility for the instrument to be used just like any standard spectrophotometer.  For applications where a higher sample volume is required, eg. OD600 and enzyme kinetics, the Duo+ is a truly flexible instrument.


Pre-Programmed methods on the BioDrop instruments include DNA, RNA and Oligo Concentration, Protein Assays, OD600, and an extensive menu of commonly available fluorescent dyes for nucleic acids and proteins.  Naturally, should there be a method specific to your lab, this can be written in using the versatile Equation Editor. 


Results can be saved to the on-board memory of the BioDrop, saved to USB as a .csv file, printed to the optional integrated serial printer, or taken away to be analysed in the powerful BioDrop Resolution Software.  BioDrop Resolution CFR is also an option for those labs that are CFR21 part 11 compliant.

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